About the Thornographer

My name is Evan Boxer-Cook, and I'd like to welcome you to Thornographer. "Thornography," as I call it, is the practice of creating (often) symmetrical patterns that consist mainly of spiked protrusions that twist, branch, and bloom. I find the process of creating these patterns therapeutic, and I encourage you to try your hand at designing one. While there are certain guidelines that I follow to keep my designs more or less standardized, no true limits exist within the world of self-expression (although, if you are interested in my process, I'm currently working on an official style guide).

I've always enjoyed symmetry, so whenever I found myself doodling in the margins of my notes, or simply filling sketchbooks, I would meticulously copy whatever design I would create over a vertical axis of symmetry, which often ran through a central circular starting point. As I expanded this art, I eventually turned to the internet. A site called "InspirARTion" helped kickstart my digital Thornography; there, I was able to create an automatic axis of vertical symmetry which streamlined my process.

Some early designs made using InspirARTion

It was around this time that I began calling these works "Thornograms," mainly because I needed a name for the desktop folder I was storing them in. Soon, I would graduate to Adobe Illustrator, using the freehand pen to make larger and smoother designs which quickly amassed into the collection this site is designed to archive.